Organic Products

Arasp company produces probiotic and nutritious Kombucha organically under the license of the most reputable organic beverages producers in Germany (Voelkel company) by brand name of Froods for the first time in Iran. Like other foodstuffs, the effect of raw material is determinative in the final product quality. The more the quality of raw material is, the better the taste and properties of Kombucha is.  So, in order to produce Kombucha with such a long list of therapeutic properties, Arasp company imports Kombucha Culture from Germany continuously and the other raw materials such as green tea, black tea and brown sugar are free from any chemical pesticide, genetic changes and other illegal and unhealthy compounds. The organic  black and green tea used in making Kombucha are produced based on international organic standards and lack any chemical color and essence. The organic brown sugar is also without any industrial additives such as sulfur dioxide, phosphoric acid, calcium hydroxide and active carbon. While these chemicals are used in producing white sugar. Kombucha has gained organic certificate and national standard of Iran.