GreenerG, an organic energy drink, under the license of the German company Pure BIO

GreenerG is the first and only organic energy drink in Iran which is produced under the license of German company Pure BIO in accordance with the requirements of the European Union organic laws. Its compound is formulated and produced in the German company Pure BIO and packed as 250cc cans in Iran by YEKTA ARASP SHARGH (exclusive agent of Pure BIO in the Middle East).

Given that all the available energy drinks of Iran market are chemical, this energy drink has no chemical additives, with a pleasant fruit flavor, natural and clean energy, dedicated to the advocates of organic and healthy products…

The ingredients of GreenerG are: organic carrot, organic concentrated peach, citric acid, Glucuronolactone, anti-oxidant (Ascorbic acid), sugar (cane)       (pasteurized). This soft drink has no chemical additives and essential oil. Its dose of natural caffeine is high (32 mg/ 100ml), so it is not recommended for the consumption of children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, people with caffeine allergy and cardiovascular patients.

Its expiration date is two years after production. It has the license of Halal World Institute, in accordance with the requirements of the European Union (EU) organic laws and is under the control, inspection and certification of German company Kiwa BCS (through its exclusive agent in Iran, PARS GOVAH GOSTAR COMPANY).

GreenerG brand, one of the other brands of the company, is a combination of green + energy that implies clean and healthy (organic) energy.